About Me


Hello! My name is George, and this is my personal website. I’m a PyData ninja, machine learner, math enthusiast and coffee addict lover. (I also really like sushi.)

I’m currently a senior at The Cooper Union in New York, studying for a BSE in general engineering. I’m also a two-time quantitative research and data science intern at Quantopian in Boston, where I helped power research analytics and open-source software for the algorithmic hedge fund.

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What’s with your username/handle?

It seemed like a clever pun at the time… but people keep asking, so maybe not.

Eigen is a German for own, but probably a better translation (especially for math terms like eigenvalue) would be belonging to. For example, an eigenvalue is the value belonging to a matrix.

Foo is a placeholder name in computer programming, and is basically a techier version of “stuff” or “thing”.

So taken together, eigenfoo probably means something like “things belonging to [George]”.