Cookbook — Bayesian Modelling with PyMC3

24 minute read

Recently I’ve started using PyMC3 for Bayesian modelling, and it’s an amazing piece of software! The API only exposes as much of heavy machinery of MCMC as you need — by which I mean, just the pm.sample() method.

Linear Regression for Starters

15 minute read

I was recently inspired by this following PyData London talk by Vincent Warmerdam. It’s a great talk: he has a lot of great tricks to make simple, small-brain models really work wonders, and he emphasizes thinking about your pr...

Understanding Hate Speech on Reddit through Text Clustering

14 minute read

Have you heard of /r/TheRedPill? It’s an online forum (a subreddit, but I’ll explain that later) where people (usually men) espouse an ideology predicated entirely on gender. ‘Swallowers of the red pill’, as they call themselve...

Why Latent Dirichlet Allocation Sucks

11 minute read

As I learn more and more about data science and machine learning, I’ve noticed that a lot of resources out there go something like this…

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Linear Discriminant Analysis for Starters

14 minute read

Linear discriminant analysis (commonly abbreviated to LDA, and not to be confused with latent Dirichlet allocation) is a very common dimensionality reduction technique for classification problems.

Hello World!

less than 1 minute read

This is the first post of what will hopefully be a cool blog. Hope you like it!

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